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SL19B Shop and Hop - Steampunk

The SL19B Shop and Hop is open with 400 stores for your perusing pleasure.  Fantasy mixes with sleek modern furniture, horses with race cars; there is plenty to see so take your time.  The official store list is here as well as how to get early access entry TODAY. 

With 20 sims to wander through the crowds should be light and lag minimal. Still I always "show friends only" to minimize the distractions. All shops offer discounts of 20 percent or more -- often 50 and there are gifts to be gathered amidst the shopping.   The theme is steampunk and some displays have decorated in that style, others have steampunk items to buy. But don't worry, there are plenty of "normal" goods to be found. Really something for everyone. 

I will be showing you some of my top gifts as the days go by as well as some shops I think deserve special notice.  You of course will want to find your own favorites.  

Credits (all gifts):  

Outfit Steampunk *Arcane Spellcaster* (many mesh body fits)
*Graceful Curves* Clockwork Headset 
Ade - Baby Hairstyle (FULL PACK) 
PIXEL BOX SL19B Steampunk vehicle for fly

If you love books, AZ Emporium has a big collection of library sets to choose from - all deeply disounted. These have reasonable land impacts and good LODs.  Don't miss picking up the Victorian Terrarium while you are there.   


.::BE BOLD::. Steam Cat (includes boots and gloves and other accessories - Belleza, Maitreya and Slink) gift

Many shops have photos of their gifts out or sometimes the gift itself to purchase. This is a great help when you have so very many stores to visit.  On the downside there are a lot of shops with nothing BUT a vendor photos to go by, so shop carefully of course.   

There are various methods to deal with the cornucopia of stores.  

1.  Visit all the regions and explore but only one or two a day. There is plenty of time.
2.  Visit several regions but skip the shops that are obviously outside your style.  For example I always skip tattoo, piercing, shapes and the "preteen pink shops" :D as I know I will never buy anything there.   And neither would I appreciate their gifts even though they would be favorites for others. In this event I also skipped guywear, vehicles and most of the animals.
3. Pick out your favorite stores from the listings. This is the quickest method of course BUT you might miss out on finding some new favorite brands. 
4, Be lazy and patient and keep an eye on this blog for features of the items I deemed the best of the gifts.  That is still just my opinion of course, but I do have fairly lofty criteria *wink* -- and many posts already in the queue.
5. Do all 20 regions in one sitting, grab all 400 plus gifts and then never ever open them.   This is a very bad plan in my  estimation but I know a lot of folks do this :D.  

I visited all 400 stores this time over a matter of days.   I certainly found some new to me impressive shops even if they were outside my "style".    

WARNING:  There is one shop (maybe more than one) that has items out in "gift boxes" that are not gifts. In the case I found the packages  were $10 items scattered all over the floor.  So be alert as you are gathering.    

You don't need to be a traditional steampunk fan to get into the theme. 

Credits (all gifts): 

Envious - Steampunk (legacy, reborn, maitreya)
Kotolier . Smart Square EyeGlasses
[Harshlands] Stasis Tank

And this is my very favorite item of all:

Jinx : Ickle Goaty McSteamy Punk SL19B    -- 68 land impact so he will not work for everyone. SO CUTE!!!! Comes with Gesture Hud

Poses by: aDORKable and the flyer - Di's Opera - SEMotion


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