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Hair Fair 2022 - Are You Ready?

Hair Fair has changed a lot over the years, but it is still a Summer highlight in Second Life.  Now it is more about the shopping than the adventure and those of you that are old enough remember some of those days will likely appreciate the ease of movement as well as morn the loss of the themes. 

There is plenty of hair to be found of course, but wait until you see the blow dryers -- texture change, three versions including wall and table props and a hand held.  Oh the fun.  

You can find the retro goodness of the Bliensen + MaiTai - Be Bop A Lula - Hairdryers here when the event opens on the 25th.   Have some fun with it!  

And here is a little blast from the past. Some of you may remember this fun beachy theme.  It was July 2011 :D.  

Asteria "Kim" [Maitreya] Bodysuit - Ivory
KUNGLERS - Jayda necklace (from recent Vintage Fair - check the main store or Marketplace)

Hair: [ploom] Telephone (2012) 

{what next} Isabelle Vanity Table & Mirror
MINIMAL - April Group Gift 2022

Pose by: hair dryer (very cute animation)


Bannod said…
I'm old, cuz I remember the Candyland theme! Nothing to be mourned, as those themes created SO much lag.

Chic Aeon said…
That was a lagfest for sure. I had a not terribly powerful computer but I couldn't move there. I went over and grabbed the treasure chest from one of the old time fantasy makers (started with a "T" maybe) and exited. I liked the one that was the movie set -- actually there were two of those and very different. One old and one newer. Both were fun and not all that laggy. That didn't really happen too often LOL. I DO miss having something to look at besides booths -- not just a Hair Fair comment.

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