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Womenstuff Hunt

The Womenstuff Hunt is on this month.   Now I am not doing the hunt mostly in reaction to having to pay 50 lindens to join a group to get the hud so you can get to the places to hunt.  It isn't the lindens, it is the idea behind the "necessity".   

However I saw that amais was in the hunt and so I headed over there since I couldn't find any info via Google and the hunt blogs. I knew what the prize was since there was a vendor photo in group.  I was GOING to do at least part of the hunt until I found that the starting point was actually a hud delivery spot (group).  But I knew by then that I was looking for a red tee shirt mini mesh item like in prior years.  I found the very nice necklace shown above. 

I then noticed the sponsors logos on the hunt poster.  Some logos I couldn't read (that fancy dancy text is pretty but often not legible) and some I couldn't find but I went to a few shops.  

Hence I have two nice gifts to report on:

amias - Womenstuff Hunt necklace  - Maitreya and Legacy
LUXE Paris BIRKIN Dress 

The dress is pretty revealing so I added a bra underneath.  Stories&Co. Margo Bralette - Black  which I think was a gacha so no longer available but hopefully you have something if you are less racy than the dress dictates.   

Hair: Stealthic - Clarity (Blondes)

The starting point and hud purchasing spot is here.

Pose by: SE Miotion


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