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Do We Have Enough?

I am wandering through the listings at Seraphim. It doesn't take me long these days.  It seems like 98 percent of the items out there have already been "done" -- some oh so many times.  I don't  know about you but it is hard for me to get excited these days. Once in awhile something super creative, different, unusual comes along -- and yes I am thrilled.  I also appreciate the better look of new things -- bigger textures for the most part which of course can also lead to lag for those that don't have hefty computers.  

I look through the offerings of what use to be the "top" venues -- actually they may still be :D -- and simply can't get excited.  Yes, it is only pixels and buying supports the creators and nothing will end up in a land fill so in theory VR shopping is waaaaay better than the corporeal variety.   Still, if you aren't "new" -- how much do you really need?

Just some late night thoughts.  No answers.   

Second Spaces - Treat Yourself - Shopping Spree - bags
Second Spaces - Treat Yourself - Shopping Spree - boxes

Much used and much loved shopping props from 2015  - some still on the Marketplace possibly available inworld as a fatpack.  So many memories.


Same. I'm saving some lindens, but I'm pretty bored with what I see these days. I'll usually buy anything Ison and Kunglers will put out, but there's just too much template "skimpy" wear. I have all the furnishings I need. I did buy some hair today that was exquisite though.

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