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Dojo - The Arcade

I remember when The Arcade  opened. One of the first (maybe the first in SL) gacha events.  I didn't get the why of the popularity but over time it became clear that gachas were a big deal in SL.   

The policy change on gachas -- that they were indeed gambling and likely covered under online gambling laws -- changed things.  Personally I like The Arcade hud that changes at midnight to start a new day with new chances. Over time though the creators have changed and now there are usually just a few or maybe ONE that I am interested in.  

My personal pick for this round is the Dojo set from Make a Mark.  The main building t is gorgeously textured and very very roomy (22 x 23).  I was oh so lucky and won the option to buy on my second or third try.  Look for number one!    

There is a caveat here. While 99 percent of the building is super impressive, the edges of the steps (front and sides) have horrid LODs. So if you use LOD2 or below you will want to adjust for that.  My advice would be bushes or to add some prims.   

As I am typing this a few days after winning and admiring I think I figured out the issue. I wondered about it quite  a bit as this creator is super talented with great attention to detail.  And I am pretty sure (now) that the issue came about because these pieces get covered up or masked somehow when you add the other pieces to the dojo arena. That would make perfect sense.  The building of course can be used of other purposes, so if that is your goal, keep that camouflage idea in mind.  

One other item (rare) I picked up while perusing all the machines is this 1. BAMSE : Spellthief - Cache RARE.  The mistletoe was a separate purchase on the way to the rare :D.  It was good to see some new work from that brand. I added the detailed witchiness to my mystical academy over at Babbage.   


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