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Sea Legs

Picture yourself at sea. Endless sea. 

That is sometimes hard to do in our virtual world; not everyone can afford the luxury of a region, but with a little bit of viewer magic it can even be accomplished on a 1024 lot.

The Trompe Loeil - Khady Modern Cottage doesn't quite fit on a 1024 lot but it easily downsizes smaller and unless your avatar is oversized it works very well.  Shown here it is 46 land impact. LODs are good, but if it is just you in the sky on a prim I guess it doesn't matter much.  Turn down your view distance of course if you are on mainland.  

This is an interesting building with super wide "halls". Some rooms are all glass (windows can have shades if you touch them or use the controller) and other more private. 

There are plenty of levels and outdoor spaces. 


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