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Victorian Bliss

If you are partial to Victorian house charm, you will want to check out the new cutie Spargelton Cottage III from Spargel & Shine Homes,   It features a large entrance area, two side rooms and a rear solarium.  The 138 land impact home fits easily on a 1024 lot with room for your favorite trees and plants.  Find it at the current round of Cosmopolitan or later at the main store.  

With a large variety of comfy furniture at the Spargel & Shine shop including some impressive new items that seem fit for a manor house, I chose styles of a more contemporary nature. And -- while I was going to feature the conversation set inside the house, the large covered porch seemed more fitting.  

I lived in a Victorian for a brief time. Not this grand, it was basically a remodeled shotgun house on a narrow lot in the historical section of a mid sized town.  That was a "walking" town in part because parking was almost impossible. So there where plenty of heathy folks on the streets.  Friends and I (and many other folks) would sit on our porches to visit and sometimes chat with the folks that strolled by and admired the front yard garden. This porch brought back fond memories.

Spargelton Cottage III - Spargel & Shine Homes
Arden Lovechair Tintable w/Pillows - Spargel & Shine Homes 
Arden Armchair Stripe - Spargel & Shine Homes
Allison Coffee Table - Spargel & Shine Homes
Allison Side Table - Spargel & Shine Homes
Juliana Fringed Rug Blue - Spargel & Shine Homes
Painting Blue Branch Birds - Spargel & Shine Homes

And you can pick up these very nice gift items in the area with  this furniture:

Book Bible Open - Spargel & Shine Homes
Tea Tray Pottery Tan - Spargel & Shine Homes
Coffee Table Book Paris! - Spargel & Shine Homes

{what next} Victoria Sponge Cake - Group Gift
{what next} Victoria Sponge Slice 
Dirty Rat -  Lemon Tree
Lemon Tree CHEZ MOI
(Luc.) Iced Tea [BENTO Server]

One more peek at the back entrance off the solarium with the adjoining deck.

Check back tomorrow for info on the furniture shown :D.    


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