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Fiber - Fiber Where's the Fiber

I was looking at a cute outfit at Belle Epoque for a weekend post but it wasn't out yet when --my fiber connection went down. Long story that has promise as a chapter in a book but my service provider which had been top notch for decades until recently completely dropped the ball and my next day at eight a.m. Service repair never showed up.  

A call revealed that service is now outsourced an no one reported my outage -- but me of course. Anyway, there is NOW a ticket in the queue (in theory anyway) but weekend and holiday has it looking like Tuesday or so.

A good friend loaned me his phone for a Hotspot so I have email and The Fourth Wing which I am loving but it is long and the library has return deadlines so reading daily is a must.

There is a lovely unused snow covered road outside my office window and 12 degree temperatures forecast for Monday. But I  got a lot done in Blender, have my book and likely streaming TV and plenty of food.

So no worries -- l will see you when I see you, hopefully soon.  


Owl Dragonash said…
May your technological issues be figured out quickly and inexpensively!

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