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Inclement Weather

There is still snow on the ground outside --- and a friend in New Zealand has 80 degrees with 98 percent humidity.  Mother Nature is not happy in many parts of the world. 

We get to choose our weather here in Virtualand but some of us like rain.  And, I admit that I prefer pixelated rain drops to the wet variety.   

If you are looking towards Fall or Spring outings that include some wetness you will of course need protection from the elements.  The Dirty Rat - Coat Hanger comes in two versions (PBR and Legacy).  This is the PBR version but my photo was taken in the latest official Firestorm viewer.  

Happily when made in "best practices" mode PBR items "revert" to regular textures that are underneath so to speak the PBR materials. Viewers without PBR capabilities just ignore those three or four bundled PBR textures so no extra lag comes into play.  

I have been working in PBR lately and I am liking it. There are still plenty of things that aren't working for me but by the time we all get on PBR viewers I suspect most issues will be resolved. Meanwhile, this double texturing works just fine if a bit more time consuming for creators. 

Find this beautifully crafted release at Midnight Order (yep,  a bit of a surprise for me there :D).  



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