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Stepping Forward

I think I have been in the same outfit all month. Granted I was out for a week due to fiber issues -- but still.  It is a comfortable outfit for me -- texture jeans, a cropped sweater, rustic boots and a pony tail with baseball cap.  I think of it as my 2024 building attire.  I have been working as well as recouping and I have been watching the new releases. But with a huge wardrobe of great wearables from over the years it really will take something outstanding to have me taking out my coin purse.  

I never HAD a coin purse of course but I remember my grandmothers and you get the idea. 

Happily some newness has arrived over at S@bbia with a typical gift to go with the new release. Now I have been a fan of S@bbia for a long while. Partly because of the gifts, partly because the clothing would fit a lot of body types including the default avatars. Sometimes they were more "me" than other times of course. 

This cute little number isn't really "me" either (note reference to jeans and boots above) but it is well done and for me -- one who has only made clothing in Sansar where things were much easier -- it seems like a big leap forward in skills. The textures are really nice; the tiny fringe seems perfectly aligned -- you get the idea. 

This release comes with both Lara and LaraX versions as well as Legacy, Reborn and Fitmesh.  Honestly either Lara or Lara X will probably work for the Maitreya crowd.  I used the LaraX skirt which fit perfectly along with the Lara top as it seemed to fit a bit more snugly in the shoulders. 

This will be one of my last posts from my little village up in the sky at Umber. I will miss it.  

But  it is good to say goodbye. 

Hair: Stealthic - Clarity (Blondes)

Shops by Serenity Style

Pose by: Pose It


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