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Kings Row

Up way too early one morning this week I went exploring. And I had to smile when I came upon a lovely rental area that reminded me a LOT of Belli.  There are some differences of course, but this really does seem to be a Belli for the non-premium folks.  The houses are a variety of large and small with this being somewhat in the middle but on the smallish side.  

Many houses -- at least the ones I was drawn to -- seemed to be made by Roost.  I picked this on mainly because it was small and because of the location. It is on its own lot with no neighbors and across from a park in back giving it some great vistas -- and VISTA on mainland is something to be cherished. 

This particular house has some second story window LOD issues but I figure that I can "fix" that with some shutters over the offending spots. 300 land impact decorating budget per house no matter what size you like and  300 lindens a week. 

Grab a notecard at the model home for links to all the amenities.   There is also a random gift giver inside the model home :D. 

 And yes, there will be styling photos later :D. Great fun.  


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