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The New Land Impact Allowance is Here

When The Lab announced new upload criteria for mesh sometime back I was only thinking about the items that I build. Many to most are already 1 land impact.  So I completely missed the point that while our land impact allotments for parcels aren't changing most of us will have more land impact to decorate with. 

A 1024 parcel still boasts 351 land impact BUT that land impact goes farther RETROACTIVELY as well as new uploads. 

I have a bonus 2048 lot for my store. A couple of days ago I tried to rez a small house of forty-something land impact and received the dreaded "the parcel is full message".  

MORNING EDIT:  I just read on the forums that this is only active at the moment in SOME grids and will likely be gridwide next week. 

As of Tuesday afternoon I have 182 to play with. 


What will you do with your new bounty?  

Note that this change will NOT effect all mesh items -- especially those that are made with separate pieces such as windows, doors, railing etc.   

This of course makes MANY land impact numbers on the Marketplace incorrect.  ^^ 

Oh well.  


Serene said…
OH cool! I will have to try it. :)

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