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90 Minutes Left - Firefall ROBIN

You have about 90 minutes left to get this fantastic outfit from one of my favorite designers, Phonix Design & Firefall - FREE. There are matching boots for $99 too.

Here is the SLURL. LUCK could certainly be part of the process. Just keep trying.

Edit: After I got this posted in a HUGE hurry (whew), I had time to adjust prims and take some more shots of this gorgeous outfit. The details are out of this world. The set comes in a large variety of colors. There is also a choice between brown or in this case rose pants, many layers and all that jazz. What is SO impressive is the detail. It is like jewelry in leather and I feel very lucky to have been able to get in to get an outfit.

The Firefall ROBIN outfits sell for $599 a color. I want to add a caveat here in case you journey over later to buy a set in your favorite shade. Resizing could be a part of the process. Most of the prim parts are mod. The collar is not. I am a fairly big gal at 6 feet so it isn't unusual for me to have to edit prim parts. If you have no idea what I am talking about, this outfit could be a problem. I had to edit a lot and it took me awhile. This is no fault of the design, just the complexity and angles and such. So, take that into consideration if you are fairly new to avatar garb.

That being said, this again is a wonderful set. Not a big surprise there; I have been a fan of Phoenix Design for a long while. This new line, partnership, label - maybe all three (?) is definitely in the same category.

And if you go over after the dust has cleared, be sure and pick up the free belt which is ancient but still one of my favs :D There are other freebies there too and at least one lucky chair which I heard going off a lot during my brief stay. I suspect a watch is on there. Eventually I'll get back and see what they are all watching for - LOL.



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