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Hop - Hop - Hop Hunting 4

For anyone reading this on a feed or alternate site, this is a show and tell of items found at the Bunny Hop hunt.

This cutie pie house comes from The Sea Hole (#4). I put the link to the shop here because last time I blogged a cute hunt house I had lots of folks writing. This will save us both time. It comes in pieces (house, roof, curtains) and you put it together on your lot. Pretty easy for even new folks I think. Not tons of prims as a lot is sculpty. I'm not sure if it would fit on a 512, but maybe. I rezzed in a sandbox.

And even if you don't need a colorful house to call your own, there is a couch included and those curtains could find a spot for some too I bet. The creativity here is obvious -- and appreciated. Maybe sometime soon I'll get a bigger spot and have some prims to spare. Meanwhile, it's going into my virtual storage truck.

Update: A friend got this and it has a automatic rez feature if you are on your own land and not the sandbox. Also it doesn't quite fit on a 512 but you can modify to fit or float it in the sky as needed. She loves it.

Teal daisies and lots of ruffles set the style for this KYO-JOU Obi dress by Discord (#12). It has a huge bow in back and a smaller one in front. I opted to go sans bow and added my Maitreya belt (not in hunt). Semi-sheer black patterned nylons ae included in the gift. It is in a HUGE egg that you can't miss. Just use the teleport board amidst all the effects (always disturbing to me, but hey) to get to the shop. Don't bump into that egg - LOL.

Pose by Vain.

On the Cover (#15) -- I shop I hadn't visited before (yeah) -- has a pose stool as its gift. There is only one pose, but it is a nice'un.

There are some problems along the way in this hunt. I found one egg with no LM even on opening the gift; I reported and hopefully it will be fixed soon. And last night I got stuck a LOT along with a bunch of other folks. So don't get too discouraged if you can't find the eggs. Some are apparently really well hidden. Not the best plan for a 300 stop hunt, so maybe some of the owners will make them a bit easier soon. In the meantime, remember there is a list at the hop website. You can always start over. I've been doing that a lot - LOL.


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