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Discord Lucky Chairs

Discord has some new items in half of their lucky chairs. I noticed a group around them while egg hunting last eve and went back to see what was up after exiting egg hunt mode. While no "C"s came up, I got my friends over and they were thrilled.

The outfits come in various colors. I think the one above is supposed to be for guys, but it is super hot on Xia. She is tiny but didn't have to resize the skirt much. You could of course ad a bra top or shirt if you are more modest :D .

These are two colors of the ladies outfit. There is at least one more color in red. The outfit for men does have a tasteful logo on the back. If you haven't been to Discord, there are a ton of chairs -- maybe eight on each side. The far side with no one stalking (wink) is the older side and the side you come to first has these new items in it.

The chairs turn over fairly fast with people watching and the Bunny Hop going on. Don't forget to get that pretty teal dress while you are there. You will find it on the path between the TP point and the chairs. A GIANT egg but easy to miss while things rez.


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