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Time for an addendum and some additions. Last night I was blogging JILL, a new find -- for me anyway. It turns out that the boxes weren't completely opening. Like NO prims in some cases. So this morning when I went to clean up my inventory like a good girl I found that there was MUCH more to one of the outfits I blogged than I thought. So, HERE is part of the outfit called Chocolate from JILL and it is a free one on the wall near the main entrance. I liked it before; I love it now. Shown with pearls from Sister Strawberry -- part of an outfit that includes a dress (wink) available now at her shop.

Shoes by Adam and Eve, Pose by LAP.

I visited ((fine)) a couple of days ago on the Bunny Hop hunt. It's a nice shop with one of those "can you get there from here" TP points. To be fair, when I went back -- by accident actually -- I found that the carrots that seemingly lead away from the shop, lead TO a teleport board. That's great when the graphics are rezzing. Constant blurry TP boards are pretty much of no use.

ANYWAY, rant over. So I was there again last night with things working better and found some extra goodies that are not part of the hunt. The egg of course when I found it had the same prize. DUH. Sometimes you can just be places and not know you have been. The necklace above is in a box near the entrance and is an opening present. It goes really well with the black Discord dress from the lucky chairs. I finally scored my own!

Here is the thigh belt from the egg at ((fine)). And below is the very nice and immanently useful brown belt opening gift. Find it next to the necklace. It is sure to fill a place in your wardrobe. So many possibilities. It has large brass links in the back so it's not just another belt (wink).

That's the morning wrap up. Enjoy the day.


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