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Fantasy Hunt

It's a new month. That means at least two things for me -- a nice new empty folder on my hard drive called C:\Secondlife\blog\2009\mar --- AND a new dollarbie hunt at Lemania Indigo's. This month's theme is fantasy and outfits to be found run the gambit from school girl to princess.

The outfit above is actually called school girl. It's number 28 of 30. It comes with cute plaid skirt and a really nice tied scarf as well as sweater, socks, bangle and even flats (not shown). I added my Maitreya belt, some glasses from VJ Eyewear, a crayon holster and my Juicy slingbacks. I found tons of great ways to accessorise this outfit. This was just the one I chose to show you. Much fun.

This day into night dress is called Special Delivery and it is number 9. It's a great shopping dress for sure. I added a shiny hobo bag from Celestial Studios and some heels from Tesla. Stockings are included with the dress.

If your fantasy includes a prince and a magical wonderland, then number 7 may be perfect for you. It is called The Prince is Having a Ball and it is definitely regal. I added the crown from the Black Canary. A tiara would be appropriate too :D

The hunt lasts all month and is open now. You are looking for shining globes of various colors. The shop vendors also have globes with prizes inside. There is also a 0 Linden gift dress for the month. So be on the lookout for it also and don't forget to check the lucky chair and group gift.

And most of all -- HAVE FUN!

Hair by Calla. Poses by LAP.


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