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Hop - Hop - Hop Hunting 3

I wasn't trying to start at the beginning of the hunt when I TPed to Little Heaven. It's just one of my favorite stores so I suspected I would like was was offered there. Logic was prevailing this eve. It is, however the second stop on the hunt and there were plenty of folks running around with green egg baskets, so I am betting those came from the official starting place.

The outfit is a beautifully made sexy bunny suit, reminiscent of the Playboy Club. Even if you aren't into that look, there are plenty of pieces of the outfit that you could wear with other things. The fishnet nylons are some of the finest I've seen for example. And, ya never know when you'll be in the mood to play bunny.

This second picture has nothing to do with the Bunny Hop really, but I did find the attachment that makes this effect at Little Heaven. I was REALLY searching there and found some places I had never explored. If you go straight ahead at the entrance intersection (rather than left to hair and right to clothes) you can go through a door and up some stairs. You'll find this scripted attachment for sale for $0 on the wall all by itself. Perfect for next Halloween. I have no idea how this is done but it is pretty impressive.

Another great find on the hunt this eve was from Junk in the Trunk (#274). The gift there includes tank, jeans and these great boots (in sizes for kids too). The jeans while very nice don't exactly work with the boots as they are pants layer and can't be modded to be shorter, but they are nice all by themselves -- maybe with sandals. Actually they might be FINE for a smaller avatar. I may just be too big :D

The hair here is another color of the hunt hair from Tiny Bird. I found this super cute and classy rustic Hippy van on my travels tonight. I so love it. It looks like it is from Shade Fantasy Outfitters. Not part of the hunt of course (wink).


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