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Diesel Works - Poses to Please

It's been a tough day in the blogosphere for me. Lots of exploring and not much to show for it. Lot's of dollarbie's deleted. BUT, amidst all that sighing and a find of some cute one prim trees, there was a very bright ray of sunshine. Diesel Works sent out a pose stool to its group folks. It is so very cool and contains five poses in all with a menu. I have to say that these are some of the very nicest poses I have seen. Many of them work for me which is of course personally cool, but some -- I can tell -- are for shorter gals should that be you.

There are a variety of single poses to choose from at the smallish store as well as some pose balls. There is also a chair for sale, similar to the stool with a larger number of poses. So if you are in the market .... better check this out. All the poses I tried were very natural.

I should warn you that the stool is 19 prims which meant I had to take up my lounger in order to rez it - LOL. Not all of you have the never ending prim issues. This was a group-picks gift in that you need to have the store in your picks as well as be in the group. There is a $25 charge should you want to join. A large vendor in the store let's you click to receive you gift.

And that was my Monday. Hope yours was a good one!

Still in another version of yesterday's MALT group gift. Hair by Amacci. Skin by Clover.


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