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Retro Goes Mainstream

Ivalde has been a queen of retro for -- well as long as I have been here - LOL, but now Neferia is adding some timely flavors to her collections.

The sim revamp is modern and Spring has definitely arrived. A new modern-day store, L`Abel joins the established line.

And there are gifts. We so much like those. The bright aqua dress above is perfect for clubbing. I kept the leggings from the casual outfit as I liked the bit of eclecticism. The bangles are mine and will be released this weekend. The color coordination was just a happy accident. Neferia and I were both ready for some blues in our world it seems. Gifts are at the end of the runway.

The pants outfit comes with shrug and leggings; you'll need to add your own shirt or undershirt layer. Continue up these stairs to find a discount room with items as low as $1. Wander around the new expanse and see all the new things. It's very glamorous.

Elegance Hats has a cute little summery gift for you too. It is one of the other stores in the sim and very easy to find right near the central TP point.

Hair by HOH and Catbird, Shoes by Juicy, Poses by LAP.


Unknown said…
the gifts were part of the L`Abel line not Ivalde - its like 2 differnt stores
Chic Aeon said…
Thanks. I understood that. Same designer, different label. Guess I wasn't clear :D

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