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There are new outfits out at Trubble -- perfect for accessorizing to your heart's content. I chose to stick with a gray and red theme to match my location (wink). Ginnie, shown above, is a really cute top with buttons and subtle striping. The crisscross back is perfect for Spring which is just around the corner (yeah). It also works well under other garments.

Ruby comes in a variety of colors including blue, red and teal. It features tiny straps and a pleated short skirt.

Veronique is a simply suit with built in texture belt. You can dress it up or down, be in business mode or simply having fun. I put the Ginnie top as a shirt layer here. The jacket is sexily deep cut, so you could easily drop the blouse, add a necklace and be ready to head out for some fun times after a day at the office.

Be sure and check the lucky dip. You might win a store card -- I did :D A lucky beanbag is on the other side of the door. And my friend Nissa looks FANTASTIC in some posters there. Go Nissa!

Shoes by Tesla, Bangles by Love Chic, Hair by Calla, Poses by LAP.


Anonymous said…
Hey chic... thankyou so much for the mention. It means a lot! I did see this before, but scatterbrain forgot to comment haha. xx Tracy xx

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