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Hop - Hop - Hop Hunting

Ya just can't help but smile at this outfit from *sugar* ( #221 ) called cioccolatte. If you ever wanted to be so terribly tasty someone would just have to -- well you get the idea -- this outfit is for you. Merang, chocolate swirls and all plus a terrifically cute little hat. YUM!

Pose by Sugar Mill. Hair by Catbird.

If you are a Sari fan, you can spot her style easily. This summery dress sways softly in the breeze, its many layered skirt showing off your shapely legs. Me likey.

Pose by Striking Poses. Hair by HOH.

This whispy feather skirted beauty hales from Spork. If there is even a little bit of Las Vegas (or Moulin Rouge) showgirl in ya, you will love this!

Pose by Vain.

Go forth and gather. Sending notes to designers of your favorites is always a good thing (wink).



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