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A Hunting We Will Go

There are a lot of hunts going on with some great gifts. I've blogged about the Twisted Hunt and the Most Random Hunt and will most likely have a few more pictures from those. If, however, you are the kind of person who likes an EASY hunt, one who loves to gather and unpack more than search, then the Greatest Love St. Pat Hunt is one for you. The hunt covers about a quarter of a sim. All the gifts (117 of them) are in green hat boxes with shamrocks on them.

Just like most hunts there are pros and cons. Pro: easy and free and no TPing. Just stroll around and pick up stuff. Con: you will have so much that it will take you a long while to go through. And most likely there will be things you can do without -- unless of course you keep everything. So the fun of this hunt, I think anyway, is to find your own personal "jewels" :D

The mixed outfit shown above is by Burning Chrome and Donna Flora. The cute black hair with resize script comes from Catbird. It's perfect for hats if you can wear black :D

This finely detailed and shaded perky dress is by Nushu and is number 93. It has a great laced back and is green without screaming - something you might be very happy about in about two weeks - LOL. There is a lot of jewelry in those hat boxes and this very pretty Celtic set is bound to go with many things in your wardrobe. It is from Prims and Pearls.

I've only done about a third of the hunt. There are bound to be many more items you might love.

PS. You can unpack here. Try to be neat. There are a fair amount of boxes (and hat boxes that look like they should be for sale and are not) scattered around. NO littering (wink).There are also household items and plants. And who knows what else I'll unpack soon. This is just a small start.

Poses by LAP.


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