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Hop - Hop - Hop Hunting 5

Off Brand Furniture (#43) has this very entertaining accessory for your home. It's a tea cup. It's a bathtub. It's a sex palace -- well not really -- LOL, but it does have a "make out" pose included.

The water is color and texture change so your tea cup can look like coffee if you so desire. It says it will seat three, but I haven't tried that. I can guarantee that it's lots of fun. It fits perfectly in the free house I blogged earlier.

I had heard a lot about Sister Strawberry, but hadn't visited the shop. It's a small one with lots of eclectic goodies including some dollarbie furniture. This is the Bunny Hop gift. Easy to find in the middle of the room. Yeah! Very cute. Very girlie.

The basket I am carrying is from Candy Nail. It is on a counter across from the lucky boards. The EGG there is in a very unfriendly place not too far from the entrance. Many of us spent a very long time finding it. Even when someone told me where it was, it was difficult to find. If you don't know how to use your camera controls, you will not find it.

So --- NEXT stop is Forbidden Apple. I don't want the guys down the line to miss out here. So if you too got stuck at Candy Nail, go forth.

And while you are at Sister Strawberry, be sure and check the Lucky Board. This sweater set and mini are the current prize.


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