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Fab & Free

Here is a quick, late night rundown on some of the hottest freebies on the grid.

Cover Girl has an opening gift of a babydoll day dress with lace underskirt. It is simple enough to take your favorite accessories including perhaps a shrug, a hat -- whatever. There are three lucky boards in the store also. One with a summery black and white tiered top has my name on it. At least I hope so :D . We'll see. There are tons of very cute items here, so do some perusing while you wait for the letters to change.

Pose by Luth.

As always, this gift from KUROTSUBAKI is exceptional. You get three versions of this hat with a simple click and choose technique. Great for the beach or with some shorts this summer. And summer isn't far away.

For those of you a bit more daring, there are two outfits from Sinuous Shapes. AND, some ripped jeans for the guys too. You can wear the thong and bustier together without the pants as there are two separate bottom layers. The belt goes with the pants, natch.

This second outfit has a mini complete with texture suspenders. Each of these gifts are one Linden. That's a quick wrap up. Shop tonight. Shop tomorrow. Just shop.

Poses by Elisa.

Shoes by Juicy, hair by Amacci.


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