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Japan Canvas

I took a little stroll yesterday after checking the lucky boards at Cover Girl. Japan Canvas is a lovely shopping area with some great shops -- mostly clothes and furniture. On my explorations I found some goodies and of course I wanted to share with ya.

The skirt above is one of several recent group gifts from MNK*Shop. It is so cute and I just happened to have a great turtleneck from yesterday's excursion (CS Fandango) and some fun color / pattern change sandals (still on sale at A-Bomb) to go with. Amazingly enough there is even a dotted sage color for the sandals. How cool is that? So I'm over at MAU's & MEJ's checking out the new plants.

Pose by Tuli.

If you want a little less thigh to show (wink), you can opt for the longer versions of the skirt. This second pattern comes with a chiffon layering overskirt. So, two patterns + two lengths = four skirts in all. This is a fun shop with lots of goodies to peruse. There are also some belts and poses as gifts on the counter.

Pose by VAGO.

Dreamin'g Alice has two Alice dresses for free. Dark Alice (above) features a crimson palette while the happier Alice called Pure is light blue and white. They come with two lengths of socks (long shown here) and a bow (not shown).

Hair by HOH is Fairytale. Boots by Dilly Dolls, Pose by LAP.


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