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Hip - Hop- Hop Hunting: 2

Bounce (#182) has a bunny skin with animated ears and tail for you. It comes with a nose and whiskers too, but that was a bit toooooo bunnyescent for me.

And I am cheating now. I bet you are looking at those really really cool boots. No? They are from Bounce too and are free for a 45 minute sit. You have your choice of gray, red, or white. They are mod and I downsized the tops bit.

The very cute hair comes from Tiny Bird (#265). You get this color separately to try out and a fat pack of tons of colors if you decide it is you; what a great idea!

The pillow set with animations comes from Altamura Interior Design (#222).

Need a buddy? Well you've got one to carry with you if you pick up #184 from Acid & Mala. He's furry and friendly and comes with his own carrot. The hoodie comes in styles for guys and gals. The jeans are from WoE (#99) and are loose cut boyfriend jeans. There of course is a box for the guys. A dragon shirt is included also and a belt.

This retro purse with matching shoes (below) is one of several color choices in the #180 egg from Sentou Yousei (Battle Fairy). These would be great with black and white outfits, but I am losing steam here, so you get a slightly coordinated color photo :D . This dress not part of the hunt, sorry.

Get out there and gather. I am going to take a quick look at some lucky chairs and relax a bit.


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