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St Pat Hunt - Part 2

For part one of this hunt, see this post.

This linen pants suit won't even wrinkle. Ah the beauties of virtuality. The set is from Sweet Temptations. The necklace has matching bracelets and is from TC's Delights.

This is the gift for men from Cat Tracks. It, as well as many others, are transfer items so you can pass them along to friends and GUYS who might need some new duds. The shirt has great wrinkles. Funny that should be a "good" thing in our virtual world - LOL. The colors are both muted and Springlike. Both long and tuck in versions come in the gift pack.

This outfit is from B&T Atelier and comes with a choice of 3/4 or long pants -- both with prim parts. The jeans have a cute embroidered pattern on one leg in the front. The shirt can be worn sans ruffles and with a belt if you like things less frilly.

Woot! This is a beautiful dress with rich colors and patterns. The back in intricately laced and it's from --- Margo Imako of (I am guessing here ) The Posh Shop. The other LM in her box seems to be for a role play area (wink) so be careful what you click on.

Shoes by Juicy. Poses by LAP.


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