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Spring Fling!

I am SO ready for Spring and the outdoor sale at LVS with lots of dollarbies as well as bargains and free gifts is a perfect way to get in the mood. There are TONS of springy dresses. Most are found in the patio areas in large displays. They are easy to find by walking or flying around. While you are there, visit the vendors shops who have lots of gifts and specials on also.

The dress above comes in many colors. I picked blue because it hasn't been a color of the month - LOL. But, if you are still in love green green or pink or most any other color, there are versions of it to be found. this is a great skirt and top. The pants are actually too long for the skirt (for me anyway) so some modding will be needed. The plus? The pants work superbly by themselves. Yeah.

One of the items mentioned on the LVS blog was a gardening belt. That indeed caught my eye. I am an accessories gal at heart. This is difficult to see but very cute. It isn't mod, so if you are a petite gal it will most likely be too big for you. If you are hippy, it will most likely be a dream fit.

While roaming around I found this cute pink chair gift. So if you love pink and have a home, find the display next to the Bunny Ranch.

Keep your eyes out while you are exploring. I found this dress from the Go Fly a Kite hunt just by accident. Now WHY can't I find them when I am looking for them? A mystery for sure.

This outfit is available as a dollarbie from nushru. The boots are a gift in the Clover shop (yeah Clover!). I added a black beaded cross necklace from WRONG.

This outfit with matching boots, fur and all is called Disco Dream and it is a gift from Luna's Boutique. I'm loving this switch from green!

So go forth, shop, gather, explore!

Hair by Catbird, Poses by LAP.


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