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Hunts and Such

The Gone Fishing Hunt is starting April 1. The starting location is here. There appear to be over 110 stops on the tour with some high numbers adults only.

And after this I get a bit confused :D The note card available at the starting point gives several locations. The instruction note card says you need a fishing pole and either type of 7 seas pole will work. So if you have a pole you are set.

MEANWHILE, Shabby Chic put out a notice about this hunt and there were fish plaques to search for downstairs. I came, I found, I gathered some nice things there including the dress above from Ella's Victorian Fashion and a really lovely antique oil lamp from LONDINIUM FURNITURE.

This brown suit from Deadwool (most likely for guys) also came from the fish plaques downstairs at Shabby Chic.

So, even if you don't fish, you might want to go searching for some plaques. I'm guessing it will all become clear with some more blog posts from people associated with the hunt??? We can hope.


The Spring is in the Air hunt also starts tomorrow (midnight - 12 AM whatever). The big news there is that it is filled with GUY stuff. Half of the vendors have things for the less than fairer sex and that is BIG news. Gals of course often wear the guy stuff so that works too.

The website for the Spring is in the Air hunt is here. I'm not sure where the official starting point is, but you can of course start anywhere in the train :D . Many of the vendors SLURLs are listed in the sidebar.

So good luck with the hunting and gathering. I think I'll be taking a break, but I am sure there are some wonderful places to discover.


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