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RFL Clothing Fair

The RFL Clothing fair is in full swing now. I journeyed over in the late morning to catch a glimpse of some of the newest designs as well as to find a few new talented folks to keep an eye on. When I arrived at the TP point, there was a "click for free 2009 RFL T shirt" box. Well of course I did. There was info on keeping lag down and this fun outfit. There were lots of us walking and flying around in these get-ups which I assume means that lots of us were changing in the air or behind bushes. But it's pretty much a girl fest there anyway :D

I started at the middle region 8 and worked my way back until I reached the middle of region 6. So the designers I am going to mention are within that area. Everything shown is from the gifts category and is either free or $1L. There are lots of places to explore, some familiar names, some forgotten names to get reacquainted with -- and of course the new to me designers.

This first outfit is a mixture of two styles. The jumpsuit is actually part of a very fancy dress that includes a many layered full skirt, ruffled cuffs, furry collar etc. I paired it down as I am a fairly simple girl at heart. I love the pattern. It is fun and sort of jester-like. It comes with a leather corset layer and a tall waist wrap -- somewhere between a belt and cumberbun. It is from the Crystal Queendom. And I bet some of you guessed that :D

I accessorized with items from Cipher. The cuffs, collar and giant fat pack of socks (with prim cuffs not shown) were all gifts. If these are your style, you'll find lots of items to stir your interests at the shop.

And if you still haven't decided on what to wear today, you can get this politically correct green AND orange dress as well as the top hat from SF Design. This looks slightly familiar so there is a chance you have it in your closet already -- not sure on that :D. The socks shown are another color from Cipher. The right prim cuff comes with or without the buttons.

And this ball gown is a gift from SySy's shop. The fair highlights a vast array of talented designers, so be sure and stop by.

Hair by Catbird, poses by LAP.


Pips said…
Awesome post!
And the Irish flag dress was also available at last year's clothing fair, which opened on St. Patrick's Day. :)
-Pips Fetid
Clothing Fair '09 Staff

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