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A Trip to the Castle

I saw a darling outfit on Lemania's blog this morning, so I zipped over to buy it. And while I was there, I got this cute number as the dollarbie of the day. It comes with a long flowing skirt that is split in the front, but you know me -- I really love pants. So here is the dress sans skirt. I really like the cut of the back and the dots are fun.

I added boots from the Kissed Hunt (Mackenzie), a cute bandanna scarf from Ibizarre, some hair from Moonshine and my Love Chic bangles. Pose by LAP.

It's DOT day at Lemania's and this little retro number is very cute. I love the diagonal waist cumberbun. It comes with a scarf with back drape as well as shoes (not shown) and nylons. I added my Adam and Eve coffee heels which I seldom get to wear, some bangles from Dark Mouse and hair from Truth.This dress is $100 TODAY ONLY. In case you didn't know (and I certainly missed this for a long while) new release outfits are most often $100 their first day in the store. Cool!

The lucky chair at the castle has moved to a room on the opposite side of the entry. I'm not sure if the outfits have been changed out, but I hadn't seen these particular prizes. Luck has been with me today and when I peeked into the new chair room, I found a "?" on the chair. I hopped on of course. Then another "?" came up and I waited a bit as there was another girl standing there. She was camming or otherwise engaged I guess and so I got a second prize. The one above is very diaphanous and feminine. So? Yep, not really me. Very pretty though and it might be JUST what you are looking for :D

This belly dance dress is more my style - LOL. It comes with the necklace as well as a lot of belly dance animations.

Poses (3) by LAP from the new Blogger series.

So a fun afternoon. Oh, there is also a week long dollarbie called "Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" and if you are into retro, you know that its name is a song reference. The vendor says the outfit comes with accessories and that looks like a beach blanket, umbrella and the works.



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