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Lucky Lucky

OK. I am SERIOUSLY wanting this coat :D! Xia won it tonight at Jeckalicious . She is such a lucky gal! The coat comes in three lengths with this the shortest. It has a knee length and a long skirt also. You have a choice between double or single buckles. It also comes (at least) in black, red and green. Xia ALSO won the green one. This in less than ten minutes. Don't expect to be quite that lucky - LOL. She seems to have a knack.

There are two chairs. While the coats seem to come up often, there are dresses in the chairs too and some shoes. I certainly plan to do some serious stalking tomorrow (wink). Her other clothes are by Zaara. Boots by Lazy Places. Pose by LAP. (I get a gold star for asking).

Update: Xia just TPed me over while I was writing this and I won a dress. Report tomorrow as it is late in my corner of the world.

In a complete 180 turn around in style -- but also very nice -- I won a plethora of colors of this cute daisy outfit on the Midnight board at Sun Made Fashions. Summer here I come.

Hair by HOH. Pose by LAP.


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