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Newish News

There is a support your content creator wall with lots of dollarbies and some free things at the Starlust Motel lobby. Just walk through the crime scene tape -- it's a long story :D . There are other goodies too for a bit more money and a great sculpty unicorns in bed cake on the counter free to copy. So just explore. This is the free dress from KataOnik . It comes with the socks too.

This is the cutest tea kettle and steaming tea cup from Bettypage Voyager of the BP Shop.

Also, there is a lemon hunt at House of Heart - Bewitched. By the Lemons for $0. Some of the retailers have gifts out too in lemons.

You can get this couch as well as the boots for free a the Dominion Fashion District.

And speaking of couches, thanks to this post, I have new furniture in my abode. It's great as long as you like purple and I do. The kids beds are very cute too and would work for shorter gals.

Oh yes, the dress. You want to know about the DRESS you say! It's today's dollarbie from Lemania and called Eggplant Elegance.


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