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RFL Clothing Fair - Part 3

Back for my third section of the Clothing fair, I picked up this cute pirate outfit - complete with patch and belt with buried treasure map at eLDee's. Not free, but only $10. I've loved eLDee's things for awhile now and this is much fun. I will say I had a bit of a technical problem shrinking the belt and had to unlink and link back before the resize would stick. I doubt this has anything to do with the designer. I suspect is is some new server code (sigh). But still, I wanted to mention it, in case it happens to you.

This very nicely made set is free from Thalia. The pants are smooth and green with beautifully subtle wrinkles. Yummy. I'll be checking out more of the store soon :D

Mashooka has this golden and red patterned exotic beauty as a gift. It could be easily worn as a jumpsuit if you aren't a long skirt gal. This may also be available in the main shop? It too looks a bit familiar, so it may already be in your closet. It wasn't in MINE however :D

Pixel Passion is giving away this beautifully textured wine red mini dress called Starlight. Perfect for so many ocassions; I love the way the skirt falls. Bring on the night!

Hair by Catbird, poses by LAP.


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