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This and That Dollarbies

If you have been around long enough, you most likely remember the Elate flapper dress and the "so new - so different" stir it caused. Mine disappeared along with my Allie canapl hair and who knows what else in the October Database Disaster (yes caps). But there are always new things and Elate has a new store in Cupcake. Very purple of course and very nice. There was a party going on when I showed up so I didn't stay too long. There are tons of great things of course and even some furniture. There is a newbie pack on the wall, a lucky chair, AND a present fountain :D

This very cute top is one of many colors now out at Elate. It also comes in plain, tons of layers -- tuck in or not -- you know the drill. A mouthwatering (again purple of course) cupcake with pose comes with the gift.

The hair shown is one of ten colors in a 10 minute sit prize chair at Sun Made Fashions . The prize chairs are by the square pillars towards the front. They work differently than the prize chairs I am used to. A new item comes on after each sit but there is no way to cycle through. So you see what you get but it might not be the hair. Be sure and click the Midnight board while you are there. There were two models in residence when I visited and the clothes looked very nice and were a good value. Lots of different types of goods here; a bit of everything :D

We are getting into the green season and Celtic flavors. This cute little green overall set is a new dollarbie from Harbour View . It comes with the tube top but you could wear any undershirt layer blouse or sweater. It has hand drawn white accents which were difficult for me to show you. Sorry.

This is one of two very nice chokers from Rhiamon's Realm. While the gold version is shown above, a silver version with different pattern is also available. Both have fine detailing and are scripted for resizing. I am guessing that this may be one of my favorites of the season!

Shoes by Juicy. Poses by LAP.


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