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Petit Chou

Come find the shamrocks at Petit Chou, March 14 -21! Yes, there is a hunt going on. There is also shopping and vista and on the 19th they'll be music. I saw this post and decided to take a look. Now there are LOTS of hunts going on. But I loved the look of the place. It even looked quaint on the map - LOL. So I hurried over to see what was up.

I have my own personal rating system so far as hunts go. Mine probably has nothing to do you yours (wink), but I give imaginary points to "ease", "quality"and "locale" -- no particular order. So, that being said, this is not a particularly EASY hunt. Some shamrocks are very very small and some remind me of that old children's game where you had to find the pictures within the pictures even when they were in plain site. I found less than half of the shamrocks. YOU, are most likely a better hunter than I am; we know I am mostly a gatherer at heart.

Quality? You BETTCHA. Nice items for home and body (gals). Locale? Most of the time I was too busy looking at the items in the shops and the picturesque village to care much about those darn shamrocks - LOL. Hence, perhaps my less than full booty bag. This is simply a great place to shop -- and fun.

So -- the dress above isn't even in the hunt. You don't have to find anything accept the shop, to pick up this gift. It is from My Lady. Find the large gift box display in the front of the shop. This photo is taken at the Le Dorian chez Petit Chou day spa which will be opening soon.

This sexy number hales from Black Lace (I bet you suspected that :D). It is easy to find! And the super cute mini chapeau is from Ztique.

WHY do you need to be here? Just look at these shuz!!!!!! They even have dark green trim to go with all those green outfits you've been picking up. They are also from Ztique.

Here's a little tip. MALT has a store here and a shamrock I have yet to find - LOL. But while I was looking around the shop I spyed some waist wraps that I simply loved. So cute. I did a big write up on MALT some time ago and I love the things there. I hadn't joined the subscribeOmatic though, and I decided to do that today. Low and behold, when I started to open my hunt gifts, I found a group joining gift from MALT. It was two of the wraps. The pack included two colors / styles of belts. The other is pink. Jeans and top by MALT here also.

Doing happy dance as I go for a break, do some dishes or something practical and then return to the hunting here. More to find for sure.

If you come, please think Hair Fair attire to keep the lag down some. TY. I'll be barefoot in my MALT garb :D

Poses by LAP.


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