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Dilly Dolls

Here I am at Dilly Dolls, one stop on the Twisted Hunt. I am not all that "twisted" in temperament, but I did want to report. And most of all, I wanted to visit some new shops which is always fun. And along with the Twisted Hunt prize (shown above), I also found three camp chairs with various merchandise, a Midnight Madness board and a Lucky chair. The Twisted Hunt prize also came with leggings and a tail. This is REALLY nice (and not easy to find).

As you can see above, the camp chairs do not look like chairs. They are also a bit different than the ones I am used to. You hop on and THEN click through the choices, decide which you want and camp.

There are two prize campers upstairs. They look a lot like modeling stands, the closed versions. There is also an unpacking area which is certainly handy and appreciated for us prim challenged folks. There are lots of cute items here, so plenty to gaze upon while I am camping :D

And here is the camp prize dress. It is actually a whole wardrobe of dresses in different colors. The skirt is scripted for color change.


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