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What's Hot?

Dare Design's lucky chairs are definitely hot! I had been over last night with no luck, but TPed in this morning to TWO "C"s on the chairs. Woot!. Since the chairs had barely rezzed I had no idea what I had won -- just that the second and third chairs were "C"s (thank you Feline for calling out the numbers). So when I got home and unpacked it was definitely a surprise.

Now, this is not something I would wear everyday - LOL, but you certainly have to say it makes a statement. The outfit comes with a variety of tops and skirts of many styles. The skin is no copy so you definitely need to keep track of it :D There seems to be an ongoing chair watch there -- at least of late. Lots of Spanish being spoken. Luckily I speak some! Seems like a nice group of folks. There are four chairs in all.

As I type this the maps shows 20 people still on watch. There is a midnight board with a steep number, so if you venture over be sure and tap it even if just to help some others get their heart's desire.

Pose by 5ifth Order, Boots by Image Reflections , Hair by Tekeli-li!

Another hot item on the lucky boards -- although waning now -- has been the ruck sack from Calmera. While MY letter never came up, I TPed a lot of friends who are happy owners.

Another popular accessory are these shoes from the PRISM dollarbie of the week. They could go with tons of Spring and Summer outfits.


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