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More Randomness

This is definitely my favorite find of the morning on the Random Hunt. It is from Apple May Designs. Not only is the store fun to explore, the sim is filled with interesting photo op spots (I know most of you don't care about that but I do) AND the owner put a giant hint sign out at the TP point. Be SURE and read that. This is a huge place and while the flower is definite obvious when you find it :D -- still. Read the sign.

This outfit comes with great sculpty pieces. If you aren't into baring quite so much skin, you can easily put on a tank in undershirt and underpants layers to fill things in. Or even a short sweater on an undershirt layer would be good. There were so many folks their hunting (maybe the word is already out) that I had a difficult time striking poses and such, so this is what you get!

Flirt has these very appropriate for the hunt earrings as one of three gifts in their shop. The hunt has been a bit spotty for me. I've been stumped quite a few times and had to go back to the list and search and such. Since I saw a lot of folks looking for a long time at the same stops, I have to guess that there are a few bottlenecks here. So remember, if you REALLY get stuck, just go to the list of participants and do a search. That has worked pretty well for me so far.

Good luck and have fun.

You know this hair is HOH and pose is LAP -- well didn't ya?


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