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Rayskin x 4

There are four great ways to save on some really cute girlie items at Rayskin. The first (above) is to win on the lucky boards. There are four at 15 minutes each so your chances are quite good. This complete ensemble is one of the prizes.

And here is another version. There appear to be four (or more) colors and styles to win.

The second would be to buy one of the eight dollarbie hunt items on the Love Letter Fair (you don't have to look hard at all) which are sweaters and scarf sets shown here. They come in a variety of colors but you can't tell what color you are getting until you open the boxes. So, if you have your heart set on blue it make take a few tries :D

The third would be to choose one of the many camp chairs and camp for either a poncho (shown) or a full outfit. Times are 20 to 30 minutes.

And the forth would be to buy this super cute teal jumper for $1L. Other colors are of course available too :D

Hair by HOH and Catbird, shoes by Image Reflections, poses by LAP.


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