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Midnight Boards

Midnight boards are getting to be very popular -- especially those that change often. I love this outfit! It is from the Moonstar Midnight Mania board a couple of nights ago. It is sadly gone, but it has been replaced by a long lovely blue formal. So if that sounds like you, check it out. You need to be close to the sign for it to count you -- or at least I did. I think this set looks so cute with my Image Reflection short boots from the kite hunt.

Pose by Vago.

These ballet boots are from the A-Bomb Midnight Board. They are still available. Get some friends and click in.

Pose by Chav Paderborn.

And for those of you in Europe, the Orient and other (for me) exotic locals, the hot new board is SD Wears where you get a $175 store card. Most items there are $175 or less so many choices. It fills up early so those on the West Coast of the US that sleep in most likely don't need to try (wink). This is supposed to continue through the week.

Hair by Amacci, Skin by Clover.


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