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Mayhem Inc. is giving way these VERY nice sculpty search goggles (click picture for a close up). You get a pair for wearing and a pair for "show" :D Perfect as a futuristic or grunge accessory. This is an extremely interesting store (read photo ops) and worth taking the time to explore a bit. There are some super cool jackets and LOTS OF STUFF FOR GUYS. If you are in the market for specialty skins, there are some here that will surprise you :D

Even the packaging is cool. I'll let that be a surprise.

At a very different end of the fashion spectrum, we have AQUA. They have some cute, youngish and Springish fashions as well as some new hoodies. (One is supposed to be a dollarbie for 24 hours from 3-3 SL time, but I couldn't find the one shown in the Fashcon post. So perhaps it will be there by the time YOU visit. OR I just misunderstood the notice. It can happen.

Anyway, there are lots of nice freebies scattered around the store. Some for guys too. There is also a freebie vendor on the outside wall that holds the aqua items shown above. There is a cute red bikini, some unisex tees for St. Pat's Day, a long dress -- you get the idea. They are easy to find as most have huge FREE signs by them.

Hair by Diversity. Poses by LP.


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