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Black, White and Shades of Gray

PR!TTY has a very cute gift for you as part of the Random hunt. Find the flower (very easy) and this finely detailed camisole top with two skirts is yours. This is the shorter skirt which is sculpty. The longer skirt is still above the knee but more traditional prims with belt. This is from the beginning of the hunt so some of you will already have this :D

And while I was trying to get back on the train with the Random Hunt (didn't happen) I found this super cool and ultimately versatile tank as a gift from Total Betty. The old shop is gone for a bit and this is at the new temporary shop. This tank with crooked hem comes as part of a dress. There are two retro skirt included with one scripted for sits. There are MANY layers of this top too including long tuck in (yeah).

Jeans by WoE. Hair by HOH. Poses by LAP and Vain.


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