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Hunt Recap

For those of you just back from vacation on a tiny, private, atoll somewhere - LOL, there are hunts going on. Both the Twisted Hunt and the Most Random Hunt last through the end of the month. The St. Patrick's Day Greatest Love Hunt through the17th. So you have lots of time to explore.

Accessories above come from the Twisted Hunt. The hair and visor (animated) come from Burning Chrome and is part of a large assortment of goodies in both regular and big guy sizes. The armband comes from AR Designs. Dress by Jeckalicious.

This is the top for men from A Bomb. Benicia did a bit of prim resizing and loves it. It is on the Edit (see comments) Twisted Hunt also.

Have fun.


Addi said…
SOOOO glad you like the A-BOMB shirt, but its on Twisted, not Random. :)
Chic Aeon said…
Oh dear. TOOOOO many hunts. Will fix post here. Has gone by on the feeds I suspect. Sorry :D
Addi said…
No problem, I get them all mixed up too. :)

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