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Umi Usagi

Umi Usagi has some great lucky chairs. I went over there after seeing a fashion feed post, walked in and won this. I did some more exploring and found some prize camp chairs, a small freebie area and lots of great looking wearables. I had been to satellite shops before, but never this main one, so exploring was in order and well worth it.

There are three chairs for gals at 20 minute intervals with some "?". These two outfits as well as some black boots are available as prizes. There is a lucky board for fellows over by the traditional clothes. The outfit above is ALL from the lucky chair except for the belt which is the current group gift. The socks are especially nice with lots of texture interest and seams up the back.

I didn't win the outfit I was watching for, but it is very cute. I convinced one of the winners to let me take her picture. So -- you still get to see it.

Update: A "?" came up as I was leaving and I now have it too. Woot!

The details are especially nice. I love the gloves and the back ties.

Hair by Truth. Pose by LAP.


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