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Spring Gifts

Lazy Sundays. A perfect time to float in among the lily pads and gaze at the sky. Zullay Designs has a special shamrock gift for you at her store. It is satiny with gold accents. Wear it at the beach, in the pond or maybe lounging with your special someone.

The back is just as nicely done as the front, so you can spend time daydreaming and getting an even tan :D

So Many Styles is wonderful store to explore. So MANY styles -- really! LOL. There are ethnic outfits, shrugs, some fantastic mixed color combos, and simply a lot to see. On your way in or out, pick up the gift box. It is full of basics -- especially helpful if you are new with a minimal wardrobe. There are two sets of pants, this very cute sweater in several colors, some short sweater tops -- and the list goes on. The top above comes with a nicely textured prim part. I really love it. But, as prim parts sometimes do, it was hard for me to move in. Different shapes, different avatars; they might fit you perfectly.

Hair by HOH, shoes by Juicy and poses by LAP.


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