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Two Looks - Two Stores

Two outfits with similar textures and themes but very different styles? Yep, that's what these are. This very cute perky skirt design comes from Leyda Style . There is a coordinating version for men also and they are each only one linden. There is a large selection of dollarbies here as well as many outfits in the $100 range. Leyda Style features clothes for men and women but the are not of the unisex variety -- they are definitely gender oriented :D

This period take on the same idea comes from Dany French touch peut etre. It has a choice of skirts and includes two broaches and a system skirt (not shown). There is a dollarbie for men here too.

Each shop has it own flavor and they are both fun. Don't forget the lucky chairs and Midnight Board.

Shoes by Juicy, hair by Diversity, poses by LAP.


Anonymous said…
Hello Chic, thanks for your post on iheartsl :))
Dany Bimbogami
Chic Aeon said…
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