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Nicky Ree - RFL - All That Jazz

There's been a bit of D-R-A-M-A on the blogs / feed about Nicky Ree's RFL dress. Hopefully that is all calm now, but it did get me to thinking that I hadn't been to her shop in well over a year. So I journeyed over there this eve before my beddie-bye time to see what I could see.

What I found was a lovely formal in a pink that exactly goes with the Alienbear Gupte necklaces for RFL. So that is pretty cool. It is free. Even better. And, there is a fantastic looking white boa for RFL that is calling to me. We'll see if I heed the siren's call or stick with the youhavewaytoomanythingthingsinyourinventorynow pesky reminder from my conscious.

Still, YOU might want this dress, the boa, or something else from the shop. I suspect this is not new, but since I haven't seen it, maybe you haven't either and if you bought some of the pink jewelry or plan to, this is good to know. Yep it is.

Not far from the free dresses in boxes near the entrance is a small wall with free outfits. I am guessing these are also not new. But I thought this astronaut outfit was way cute. It comes in a guy version too. So if you have a party to go to, you might want to pick this up. Ya never know when you will be stranded in outer space -- even virtual outer space.

Hair by Amacci, Poses by LAP and ELISA.


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