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Friends and Groups

It's always good to have buddies that will let you know about goodies you may have missed. Benicia, my storemate and landlady - LOL, has been hanging out at Dilly Dolls a bit of late, shopping (see those great shoes she is wearing?), watching the lucky chair, clicking the Midnight board and such. So today she let me know she won a cute dress in the chair. I TPed over and took this picture.

Not only did she offer me a photo for a post (wink), she told me she found some great boots for free in the store. These are replacements from a previous hunt. They have a resize script for us slightly larger gals and it works perfectly. They are SO nice. So while you are hunting for the Twisted outfit and clicking that Midnight board look around for these lovelies. I'm not going to tell you where exactly although they aren't hidden. Think of it as a second hunt :D

You can buy the color and pattern change variety of these same boots for only $60 during the sale. The pair Benicia is wearing are even less. SOOOOO tempting even for a non shopper. Honestly I am always in the last thing I blogged - LOL.

This is the Sn@tch gift from the Twisted Hunt. It is now available at the store for group members. I'm not telling you were it is, but you can find out easily by clicking on the SubscribeOmatic in the store and looking for last night's notecard. There was a bit of D-R-A-M-A with Sn@tch and the hunt and the upshot is that Ivey has decided to do gifts only for group members. That means that I, as a good little blogger, may be showing you what is available for groupies (wink), but no hints as to where things are. Really, if you like the stuff at Sn@tch, just sign up -- it doesn't even take a group slot. So NO excuses.

Getting down OFF the soapbox, this is a cute little dress with skull on the back and a fun little hat. Lots of frilly layers and easy to add accessories to. There are also new things out of course, each week brings more goodies. The new Matrix inspired catsuit and coat definitely caught my eye. And be sure and check the lucky chair. I was asked to sit at the fortune teller and spent a long while there while everyone tried it out with me. No winners (I do don't do well with that for whatever reason) but they were all having lots of fun.

My hair by HOH and pose by LAP from the new Blogger set. Love em! While I still have my favorite poses from other sets, these do work easily and fairly flawlessly and sometimes that's what we really need.


I was bored so went on a trip, got distracted and got a bargain, thanks Chic :)


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